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Bodum Bistro Toaster Flach-Kitchen Tools & Utensils-Bodum-10957-01EURO-3-BOD-699965423070-inwohnBodum Bistro Toaster Flach-Kitchen Tools & Utensils-Bodum-10957-01EURO-3-BOD-699965423070-inwohn
Bodum Bistro toaster flat
Special Price€79,90
Bodum Classic Vorratsglas, 1.8 L-Food Storage-Bodum-11784-18S-BOD-699965406271-inwohnBodum Classic Vorratsglas, 1.8 L-Food Storage-Bodum-11784-18S-BOD-699965406271-inwohn
Bodum Classic storage jar, 1.8 L
Special Price€49,90
Bodum Bistro Wasser Karaffe, 1 L-Serving Pitchers & Carafes-Bodum-11187-10-2-BOD-699965326548-inwohn
Bodum Bistro water carafe, 1 L
Special Price€59,90